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About Us

Tianjin Kelioil Engineering Material and Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise which specialized in producing cementing additives and cementing equipment. Kelioil is one of the biggest global suppliers for cementing additives. We hold ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO28001 certificates. We also can do international OEM and provide the best service and technical support.
With strong research and development capacity and full sets of testing facilities and state of the art technology, Kelioil is the renowned manufacturer in cementing additives in China.

Contact Us

Add: No.13 Ziyuan Road,3rd Floor of Block 1 Unit B,Huayuan Industrial Park,Nankai District,Tianjin,China.
Tel: 86-22-58627718
Fax: 86-22-58627711
Add: No.16 Nansanhuan West Road,Fengtai District,Beijing,China.
Tel: 86-10-87562550
Fax: 86-10-87562567
Manufacturing Base: Kelioil Manufacturing Base,                                   Weixing Road, Ninghe County, Tianjin, China.


Anti-sedimentation Type Fluid Loss Additive--CG212

Anti-sedimentation Type Fluid Loss Additive--CG212

Nowadays, with further development of oil well exploitation, more and more complicated situations have appeared during the cementing projects.