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Tianjin Kelioil Engineering Material and Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the mass production of oilfield cementing additives. It not only possesses patents for invention and software copyrights, but also holds National Key New Product certificate as well as ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certificates.

KELIOIL is headquartered in Tianjin Xuefu industrial park and its manufacturing base is located in Ninghe district with an area of 30,000㎡, over one third of which are workshop and warehouse. As a global supplier of oilfield cementing additives, 60% of its products are exported to overseas markets.

Main products of KELIOIL are fluid loss additives, ranging from lightweight series, high density series, and normal density series to seawater cement slurry series. They are applicable to different well conditions, including deep well, horizontal well, etc. Besides, every fluid loss additive has four types, namely fluid type, high purity powder type, dry-mixed type and dual-use powder type, which offer convenience for transportation, usage and help clients with cost control.

Agent system is KELIOIL’s business model. Under this model, the company develops and grows together with its agents. KELIOIL commits itself to R&D with the aim not only to provide standardized and serialized products, but also to customize products and services according to customers’ requirements.

Main Instruments and Equipment:

Testing Instruments: Full set of testing instruments of its own brand, NITHONS, a Sino-Japanese joint-venture.


Equipment for Liquid Products: Full set of intelligent controlled manufacturing equipment for oil engineering materials, which can realize automatic production from batching, synthesis to filling continuously.

Equipment for Powder Products: One set of high speed centrifugal spray driers, four sets of high speed disintegrator, one set of German IVA high speed disintegrator and one set of solid blender.

Equipment for Packaging: Three sets of dust-free automatic packaging lines of its own brand, NITHONS, a Sino-Japanese joint-venture.