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About Us
Company Profile

Tianjin Kelioil Engineering Material and Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise specializing in the mass production of cementing additives. Being one of the biggest global suppliers for cementing additives, KELIOIL is able to supply OEM service globally and provide supreme service and technical support. It also holds ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO28001 certificates.

Strong R&D capacity, top-notched technology, full sets of testing equipment and matured production line make KELIOIL renowned and competitive at home and abroad. KELIOIL self-develops all the products and hold intellectual property rights. The cementing additives KELIOIL manufactures has good compatibility with other additives and oil well cement. They are applicable to fresh water and salt-saturated water system and have wide applicable temperature range. Besides, they can also be applied in different oil well cementing projects, e.g. deep wells, horizontal wells, complicated wells, ocean engineering, etc.   

KELIOIL possesses advanced automatic production line, which reaches advanced level both domestically and internationally. It is worth mentioning that its production line is self-developed with the newest and the most sophisticated technologies. It holds national software copyright. For KELIOIL, customized products are also available upon the receipt of customers’ different requirements.

KELIOIL is headquartered in Huayuan hi-tech industrial park in Tianjin, China with its plant located in Ninghe district, which covers an area of 30 thousand square meters. Its annual production capacity reaches up to 10 thousand tons.

Main Equipment:

Testing Equipment:Seven HPHT consistometers, NPT consistometer, HPHT fluid loss cell, rheometer, one pressure testing machine, two HPHT stirring fluid loss cell and two Brookfield viscometers.

Equipment for Liquid Products:Full sets of intellectual computer control equipment for oil project materials and they can realize the automatic and continuous motion from batching, composition to filling.

Equipment for Powder Products:One high speed centrifugal spray driers, four sets of high speed disintegrator, one German IVA high speed disintegrator, one solid blender.

Equipment for Packing:One Korean CAS automated packager, and one set of Japanese Newlong high speed sack sewing machine.

Domestic customers:Daqing oil field, Xinjiang, Tuha, Shengli oil field, Chuanqing, Jianghan oil field, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Liaohe oil field, Jidong oil field, Zhongyuan oil field, Nanyang oil field and Dagang oil field.

Global customers:America, Canada, England, Spain, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Philippine, West Africa, Columbia and Australia.