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Oil Well Cement Additive Nomenclature .doc 62KB 66 Download (now)
Powder Packaging Selection Table .doc 48KB 66 Download (now)
Liquid Packaging Selection Table .doc 25KB 70 Download (now)
Additives' properties list .doc 39KB 73 Download (now)
Performance table of fluid loss additive .xlsx 12KB 39 Download (now)
CG310L Specification .doc 40KB 46 Download (now)
CG610S-P Specification .doc 98KB 73 Download (now)
CG610L Specification .doc 40KB 103 Download (now)
CG210L Specification .doc 40KB 41 Download (now)
CG210S-T Specification .doc 35KB 59 Download (now)
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