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Basic Knowledge
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8.1 Consistent speed cement slurry mixer .doc 48KB 51 Download (now)
The common instrument list of cementing .doc 69KB 180 Download (now)
7.7 Horizontal well cementing slurry system .doc 47KB 56 Download (now)
7.6 Salt resistant cement slurry .doc 45KB 56 Download (now)
7.5 Unti-fluid channeling cement slurry system .doc 44KB 63 Download (now)
7.4 Short thickening time cement slurry system .doc 43KB 68 Download (now)
7.3 Deep well cementing slurry system .doc 44KB 71 Download (now)
7.2 High density cement slurry system .doc 49KB 92 Download (now)
7.1 Low density and high strength cement slurry .doc 42KB 56 Download (now)
Low density cement slurry system .doc 47KB 60 Download (now)
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