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Basic Knowledge
1.5 Off shore oil and gas development
  • Detailed description

There is not much different about oil gas development being at sea or on land. But building platforms engineering cost is more. So the evaluation on the oil gas field scope should be more prudent. Risk analysis is needed in order to accurately select the platforms position and construction scale. That can avoid the loss caused by unclear knowledge or mistake inference on subsurface deposit. Offshore oil development has a great development from the 1960s. Up to now, offshore oil gas development has reach to about 20% of the world oil production. Now a whole set of offshore drilling and gathering and transportation special equipment and technology has formed. The platform can resist wind, wave, ice stream, and earthquake ect. The mining of oil gas development can deepen to more than 200 meters. 

Nowadays in the world there are many areas were not explored or full explored. Mining oil gas in deep stratum and marine deep water parts is just start. More and more oil reservoirs will be found. Enhancing oil gas recovery can recover large amount crude oil in developed reservoir. All that indicate oil gas development technology will have a greater progress.