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Basic Knowledge
3.2 Critical events in cementing history
  • Detailed description

1903:F·F·Hill poured pure cement slurry mixed with 50 bags cement into the well for sealing bottom layer.
1919:Halliburton established note cement firms in northern Texas
1920: Halliburton invented the jet cement mixer.
1921:J·T·BaiJiMan Santa cruz cement oil company invented the initial cement test technology.
1922:Halliburton put forward the two plug method patent.
1927:Alone star cement company first produced high fineness and sulfate resistant cement in Indiana.
1929:Halliburton established the first oil cement properties testing lab.
1930:Halliburton oil and refine company and California standard oil company began to institute the oil cement.
1930:H·R·Irving patented the method using centering guide out side the casing.
1930:Bentonite is introduced into the oil industry and used in drilling mud and cement slurry.
1932、1934: Willamette LanNuo, Walter Wells used liner in California and Mexico coast.
1934: B·C·Kraft and California standard oil company brought up consistometer structure report.
1937:Halliburton produced double contain device which can test oil cement properties.
1937:API established the oil well cement research committee.
1938:R·F·Fares oil gas company manufactured the first high temperature and high pressure consistometer.
1939:Han Brigham oil refining company mixed little Nott stone into the cement to determine the cement top position outside the casing with the Gamma well logging method.
1939:Ken YiSiRui and Bruce buster first used well wall mud scraping in California.
1940:M·M·Ken Lay first used the cable to log well diameter, and to determine the amount of cement needed.
1952:API approved the API procedures 32 (the first edition) which is about the oil well cement experiment.
1953:Phillips Oil Company introduced the fluid loss additive and kieselguhr to the industry member.
1957:Halliburton introduced the weighting additive.
1960: Dowell Company introduced new product fluid loss additive.
1962:Service Company invented cement dispersion technology and used cement dispersant.
1969:API and industry members published the basic concept about cement.
1972:The esso development Research Company and Halliburton published the research about cement replace mechanism.

Since 1903, cementing technology at home and abroad has made great progress after 100 years effort. Oil cement type extends from one to thirteen, and oil cement additives begin to be used and product technology improves. The abroad additives have increase to 14 kinds and more than 200 varieties. Cementing equipments become automatic operation, precision density control and large energy and high power. Complex strata cementing technology become completed and develop cementing supporting technology which can adapt to the high pressure gas well, plastic strata, low voltage and easy-to-leak well, many pressure system, deep wells, super deep well etc.