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Basic Knowledge
3.3 Cementing technology progress at home and abroad
  • Detailed description
Oil cement additives are the main method to solve the complex cementing questions and enhance cementing quality and protect gas reservoir. According to the statistics, the percent of cementing additives amount is 38 % of oil field chemical admixtures. The kinds of oil well cement admixture are increasing. According to 1999 statistics, the world oil well cement additives have developed to 14 categories and hundreds of varieties. It mainly including: fluid loss additive, retarder, accelerator, dispersant, defoamer, expanding agent, spacer agent, washing liquid and latex etc.
How to improve effectively mud displacement? The domestic and foreign do a lot of research by combining the theoretical analysis and large indoor simulation experiments method, and conclude many important conclusion. Based on that, much mud replacement efficiency technical method is brought up. American Dowell-Schlumberger Company put forward effective laminar cementing technology, and the technology has a good field application effect. Texas oil drilling research institute puts forward the turbulent flow- plug flow in a composite replacement technology, and this technology can solves the deep well borehole irregular cementing problem.
Along with the development of the computer technology and the cementing technique, the computer technology is widespread used to simulate and design the cementing process at home and abroad. Research and development of the corresponding cementing dynamic simulation and design system not only increases the cementing speed but also improves the aim and accuracy of the cementing design. The American Dowell-Schlumberger Company and LANDMARK Company such as companies have developed their proprietary cementing dynamic simulation and design system. Among them, the software the LANDMARK Company developed is mainly the modular design, design content including casing design and checking, casing centered design and the cementing dynamic simulation. The Dowell- Schlumberger Company have developed a Stumberger CADE cementing dynamic simulation and design software, this designed software can form a complete cementing project report, and also can do cementing quality prediction to the formed design, and put forward the corresponding suggestion.
The United States is the main factory of producing complete sets cementing equipment, mainly including Halliburton and Dowell-Stumberger and BJ Company. The main factory is Jianghan petroleum administration, the forth oil factory. The slurry mix system of cement car becomes higher mixing and higher power. The slurry density automatic control system ADC (auto density contro1) is the core of modern cementing equipment research and development. The new computer control vortex cement slurry making system invented by Dowell-Stumberger Company simplified the slurry density control methods; use the computer control technology for continuous monitoring. And the mud density can be controlled in less than2.4 g/cm3. The RCM—Ⅱ cement slurry mixing system invented by Halliburton company can control the mud density in less than2.4 g/cm3, and can complete the high density and the high viscosity mud mixed which ordinary mix slurry system difficult to complete.