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Basic Knowledge
5.10 Additives field usage
  • Detailed description
The use of oil well cement additive, in brief, is mixing the cement, water and additives together, and preparing them into slurry. The additives’ using method can be divided into dry mixing and water mixing two kinds. Dry mixing is first to mix the additives and cement together and then put the mixed cement into the water, and mix uniformly; water mixing is first dissolving the additives in water, then put the cement into the mixed water, and mix uniformly. In the cementing construction site, both dry mixing and water mixing are in use at present.
The comparison of dry mixing and water mixing:
Dry mixing need equipment to support and it is solid and solid mixing. Influenced by many factors, the particle shape has great influence to the mixing effect; particle density and the mixing degree also have great influence to the mixing effect. The different density particle with different flowing speed generates separation phenomenon when mixing, the heavier drowns in the bottom of the container, and the lighter floats in the upper, and this makes the mixing effect reducing. Other properties of the particles such as the particle size, surface state, liquidity and adhesion will influence the mixed uniformity with different extent. Generally speaking, because of different density between cement and additives and mixing equipment existing blind angle ect, the mixture uniformity of dry mixed is low. But because the additives of dry mixing method are solid, and the effective content is high, the dosage is low, so the transportation cost is low, and meanwhile the solid products’ shelf life is long.
Water mixing is liquid and liquid or liquid and solid mixing. The mixture of liquid, mainly use mechanical agitator, pump cycle, airstream and stay liquid jet etc, making the mixing material stirring, forming the circulating in the container, and eventually get the uniform mixing. The water mixing is usually in the project site, and using the liquid additives. There are a lot of water in liquid additives, so will greatly increase the transportation cost, at the same time liquid admixtures plastic products are barrel, so the packaging cost also relatively high many solid, liquid product warranty than solid product short, but because the humid mixing method uniformity is better, usually cementing the effect will be better
According to physical state, the Oil well cement additives can be divided into solid and liquid two kinds, liquid additives only can be wet mixing. Solid additives can be divided into dry mixed type and dry- water mixed dual purpose type. Solid additives which is partly soluble in water or not soluble in water will only use dry mixing method, totally soluble in water and performance not changing solid additives can use both dry mixing and water mixing methods, namely dry –water mixing dual purpose method.
If making the additive into 100% water-soluble powder product that it will has both the dry mixing and water mixing two characteristics. It not only keeps the solid products’ advantages such as small dosage, low transportation cost and low packing cost but also has wet mixing good advantages such as good uniformity when wet mixing and good cementing quality. This also is the trend of the development of cementing additives. With the development of technology, gradually appearing such dry-water dual purpose products available, like, the production of Kelioil AMPS series fluid loss CG610S-P (high purity powder) CG610S-T (dry-water mixing dual purpose type) which is belong to dry-water mixing dual purpose products. As the special cementing cement additives manufacturer, research and develop a dry-water mixing dual purpose additive is necessary, it not only can reduce the packaging and transportation cost, also can be used for the construction of the different equipment, both dry mixing and wet mixing can be used.
No matter what method, the mixing are put liquid into the water tanks of cement car first, injecting it from the nozzle jet through the pump pressure, and with the cement out from the ash tube together coming into the mixing slurry pond, mixing further under a high-horse powder blender. Then the mixed cement slurry pump into the bushing and the note cement work begin.