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Basic Knowledge
8.1 Consistent speed cement slurry mixer
  • Detailed description
1 The application of consistent speed mixer
The consistent speed cement slurry mixer is designed in accordance with the API specification, and is used to prepare cement slurry before testing the slurry performance and can complete the slurry stirring work.
2 the structure and component of the consistent speed mixer
The consistent speed is constituted by the stirring machine and mixing cup.
There are there buttons (low speed, high speed and speed regulation) in the consistent speed mixer panel. According to the API specification, low speed button is 4000±200 r/min and high speed button is 12000±500 r/min. Speed regulation button is used to adjust the speed. The scope is from 0 to 16000 r/min. The displayed value of tachometer is the actual speed. Mixer maintains a constant speed, thus avoiding the influence of different speed to the preparation of slurry.
Mixing cup should be made with corrosion resistant stainless steel; its volume is 1 liter. The mixing blade made with wear-resisting stainless steel has the properties of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and long service life. Mixing blade should be weighed before use, when it is worn down more than 10%, it should be changed.
The type of consistent speed mixer
1. Simple mixer
This kind mixer works by motor driving mixing blade rotating to stir slurry. It only has high speed, low speed and stop switch three buttons and the stirring speed can not accurate to the API specification speed. It only can be used as a simple, rough and non-standard mixer.
2 Timing type consistent speed mixer with digital display   
It has low speed, high speed and speed regulation three buttons. The scope is from 0 to 16000 r/min and completely satisfied the API specification requirements. The digital value is the actual stir speed. Can use speed regulation button to set the requirements stirring speed. According to specification requirements of time value, low/high speed can be manually chose, and the timer can automatic timing, it is general be set of 50 seconds.
3 Automatic consistent speed mixer
The stir running state can be divided into the automatic operation and manual operation. The automatic operation run according to the set time and starting lower gear at the first 15 seconds (4000 RPM),  starting the top gear (12000 RPM) mixing operation at the last 35 seconds until the end of time.
4 the usage of consistent speed mixer
(1) Before switch on the power: the power switch is turned off, chose the speed regulation button, and the regulation button is set on the O, the timer return to the zero.
(2) Check the stir blade shaft. Turn it by hand, if it can move, it is ok; if you can't turn it around, it is necessary to dismantle the stirring blade shaft, clean the cement, and daub lubricating oil.
(3) Turn on the power switch; the indicator light is lit, table shows the speed is zero, and put the stir cup on blender base.
(4) Put the mixed water required into the mixing cup, turn on the low speed button, speed table shows the actual speed, and at the same time when the timer start running, put the cement sample into the mixing cup in 15 s , add the cover , then turn on the high speed button, stirring for 35 s.
(5) Switch button to the defined position after the slurry having been prepared.
5 the maintenance of the consistent speed mixer
(1) The motor is not suitable for long time use, in case affect the motor life
(2) When mixing blade shaft sluggish death, if turn forced, may blow out the fuse, and should be replaced new fuse
(3) If motor speed is high, but speed show for zero, immediately shut off the power and repair circuits
(4) If the motor speed is more than 20000 RPM, it shows there is a fault circuit and it is need to shut off the power and maintenance it.