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Basic Knowledge
8.3 Pressurized consistometer
  • Detailed description

1 the high temperature high pressure consistometer is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the API specification 10 requirements. It is used to simulate the downhole high temperature high pressure state and test the cement slurry thickening time and to determine the operation time.

2. The structure and principle of high temperature high pressure consistometer
High temperature high pressure consistometer is made up of autoclave, magnetic driver, pneumatic hydraulic pipeline system, temperature control instrument and heater, kettle cover lifting equipment, electrical control equipment, slurry cup, blade, potentiometer used for measuring consistency, cooling system and surface. The autoclave is made by high strength steel, and can bear high temperature and pressure. The pressure in the kettle is provide by a pneumatic high pressure pumps, conduction oil in the consistometer transit through tank, oil filter and the valves and then be pressed into the kettle by compressed air. Then pressurized by the high pressure pump, and provide initial pressure.
The maximum working temperature is 315℃, the maximum working pressure is 275 MPa, and there is a 2500W inside the kettle. Three pen recorder and instrument are linked together which can record the temperature inside the kettle and the thickening-time curve of slurry in the slurry cup. The slurry cup is drove by magnetic driver, rotate with the constant speed of 150 r/min.
High temperature high pressure consistometer is equipped with two J type thermocouples which are used to measure the temperature of cement slurry and oil. Temperature regulator shows the temperature determined by thermocouple and it can set and control program to pressure control program by pressure regulator booster and constant pressure, temperature and pressure in the kettle that is simulated cementing operation homework underground temperature and pressure
The high pressure return pipe line is equipped with one-way oil filter which is used to filter out various impurities and cement particles. High pressure pipeline is equipped with blasting slice which can stand 310 Mpa pressure. This is the last protection device which is used to protect the whole high pressure system, when blasting slice broken, oil will be pushed to fuel tank in immediately.
The slurry cup has a large volume hat. This is because, the cement slurry inflates seriously in the high temperature testing, and that will produce the overflow phenomenon. This hat is used to capture seal lax in test, prevent cement slurry spilling and kettle body and oil being polluted.
When testing the cement slurry’s consistency, put the cement slurry into the slurry cup which is drove by the magnetic driver. Fix potentiometer and driving gear shafted on the blades well. The cement slurry rotates relative to blade; the blade is resisted, that deforms the spring on the potentiometer. Consistency is proportional to torque. Along with the increase of spring torque and pointer rotation angle, potentiometer resistance and voltage also will increase. so the reaction of the potentiometer shows the voltage value, it not only shows the size of the spring torque, also reflect the value of slurry consistency. After the experiment, turn on the cooling water button to cool kettle body and tank. This can remove potentiometer and plasma cup timely after the high temperature and high pressure experiment (The temperature should be dropped to under 100 ℃ before the open the cover if the temperature is over 100℃). And make axe body cooling down as soon as possible, so as to be convenient for the next experiment.

3. The type of high temperature and high pressure consistometer
(1) The basic type pressurized consistometer
It is equipped with a threepenrecorder and can record the curve of consistency changing with the temperature and time. The temperature is set and controlled by the temperature controller. And pressure regulator control program to boost and consist the pressure.
(2) Upgrading type pressurized consistometer
It is equipped with numerical control, and connects with computer. It can use the computer to set the warming time and pressure. And it can be controlled by computer to test and use printer to print out the graph.
(3) Smart type pressurized consistometer
Increase the man-machine interface, and connect with internet communication and other related.

4 the installation and debugging of pressurized consistometer
Before installation, turn on the air, water and power in the laboratory, the power cord should be able to pass through the 30 A current safe. When voltage is 220V, wire diameter must be greater than 6 mm2.