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Basic Knowledge
8.5 Portable consistometer
  • Detailed description

1. The application of portable consistometer
The portable consistometer is designed according to the API specification 10 and is removable equipment used to test the slurry thickening time. This equipment also can be used to prepare the slurry for testing the free fluid, viscosity, fluid loss and rheology.

2. The structure, operation and maintenance of portable consistometer
The portable consistometer is removable equipment which is used in the cementing operation site and to stimulate the downhole high pressure and temperature state and test the thickening time. This is a scale-down version of pressurized consistometer. It has small size, light weight and its kettle wall is thin, so the pressure and temperature it can bear are also reduced. But its structure constitute, design principle, test procedure and maintenance is the same with the pressurized consistometer. So the detail massage about this equipment can refer the pressurized consistometer in section 3 chapter 8.