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Basic Knowledge
8.11 Air compressor
  • Detailed description
1. The principle of air compressor
The electromotor drives the air compressor directly to make the bent axle rotating, drive the connecting rob and make the piston moving back and forth. This causes the cylinder volume changing. The change of pressure in the cylinder makes the air flow into the cylinder through air filter. If the volume of cylinder becomes small, the impressed air will flow into the air store tank through the air tube and one-way valve. When the pressure comes to rated pressure (0.7MPa), the pressure switch automatically controls the machine stop. When the pressure in the air store tank decreases to 0.5~0.6MPa, the pressure switch will start automatically.
2. The character of air compressor
The machine used in the laboratory is mute oil free air compressor; it can provide pure air and stable pressure.
a. Low noise
The output pressure is stable which can eliminate the noise at the maximum limit.
b. No oil, no water
The mute oil free is compressor solves the problems of the output air having oil and gas. And it is equipped with water proof mouth. It can put out the water filtered in the air control tank.
c. Long service life
This air compressor add a start-preheat device and it has external protector. It is stable and has long service life.
d. Portable operation
Not need check and add lubricating oil frequently, regular maintenance time is long, and it can work after electricity and the operation is simple.